Nankang front row furniture factory

High grade oak walnut sofa

Set in front goods furniture Co. Ltd's most popular brand, professional design, production and sales of various high-grade oak, walnut sofa series. The company has adopted advanced equipment, adhere to the modern management mode, the spirit of "honesty, dedication, truth-seeking and pragmatic principles". Over the years, with a strong the strength, professional production and operation management, diversification of products, improve the quality of service, has won the praise of customers. In the collection of each product production are based on ergonomic features for the production of ideas, the overall creative design and beauty for the first, with high quality, production based, elaborate, the layers of quality inspection, modern management of high grade raw materials. In order to people-oriented, for mankind to create one of the most comfortable, elegant, extraordinary modern living environment. Collection in unceasingly enterprising, innovation, to perfect products With the pace of the times, pave the road to success for you.